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Choosing the right Australian Financial Service Licence

AFSL – The third article in the series about setting up a managed fund in Australia. Investment managers have a goal in mind – to raise as much capital as possible and to deliver good performance to investors. Choosing the wrong AFSL to work with can lead to loss of productivity, negative impact to capital


What to consider when choosing a Trustee or Responsible Entity

Responsible entity or Trustee – The second article in a series about setting up a managed fund in Australia. The information process You are considering to embark on what is a long and regulation heavy journey. Running a fund comes with much bragging rights and ability to position yourself as the go-to investment manager in


So you want to start a managed fund?

Start a managed Fund – The first article in a series about setting up a managed fund in Australia. Choosing to set up a managed fund in Australia sends a powerful message to the market that you value compliance, transparency and regulatory oversight and are willing to accept the burden that comes with launching, managing


The rip-off of managed investment scheme offer document writing

Scenario: A smart investment manager, John*, decides he has a powerful investment scheme and strategy and think if he can establish a Fund, investors from around the country will want to invest. Thinking he is doing the smart first step, John calls a lawyer, who professes they are a specialist in Funds Management. Two doors


How to market your managed investment scheme?

We are seeking to assist managers on their range of options in Australia in regards to marketing their managed investment scheme. This paper relates to both retail and wholesale schemes.  Specifically, we are seeking to provide a road map relating to: Challenges around industry jargon Adapting your messaging to the level of investor Long lead


Innovation and Investments

Noun; something original and more effective and, as a consequence, new, that “breaks into” the market or society When you search the words ‘innovation’ and ‘investments’ together online the results are pretty scarce by Google standards with only about 30 million results, the top 10 pages of which are not applicable to anyone seeking actual innovation


Family Offices

Understanding Family Offices Over the last five or so years almost every new investment manager or Australia financial services business that Global Merces comes across, tell us they have strategically decided to focus marketing efforts on the High Net Worth (HNW) and Family Office sectors of the market. In many instances where products that have


A Low-Return World

It’s the elephant in the room that no-one wants to face up to. We are living in a world of low-return. While brokers, bankers and financial advisers are not overly keen to admit it to you, this austere world economy does not offer huge opportunities for investors to make money at present, and may not