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Global Merces Funds Management was the first licence to offer a registered 100% CFD hedge fund focused on currency pair trading (Forex Fund). Global Merces launched this Forex Fund in Australia to provide investors with the opportunity to gain exposure to the currency markets with an absolute return focus, regardless of market conditions. Global Merces Funds Management Ltd is regulated within the world-leading, strong and transparent Australian jurisdiction of the Australian Securities and Investment Commission.

Before the Forex fund was launched, investors’ only options to access currencies via CFDs was to DIY (Do-It-Yourself) or to engage a single trader via a IMA (Individually Managed Account) or SMA (Segregated Managed Account). Having this unique product offering designed from top to bottom, the Forex Fund was built for the 21st century modern investment world, equipping investors’ with experienced managers to create value and allow portfolios to be diversified under highly volatile and unpredictable environments.

Managing Forex Funds from a broad compliance and licensing perspective is complicated and includes risk management, trading strategies, allocation, third-party agreements, broker platform negotiations, liquidity provider agreements, 24/7 monitoring and more. The different components needed to start up a forex fund can cause traders or investment managers who are managing to divert their focus from what is most important: performance and raising capital. Global Merces does all the compliance and licensing management with extra service options available such as auditing each year to provide investors and their advisors full transparency and confidence.

How to set up a Forex Fund:

Global Merces is leading the charge on assisting on the development of and management of Forex Funds globally.

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