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Fractional Property

An alternative to owning a whole property asset, fractional property provides the investor with the potential to earn a percentage of return through rent and property value. Labelled as a passive approach, fractional Property is an alternative way to invest in property without having to deal with the hassle of upfront expenses and tedious processes.

Booming property prices suggest that by the time investors save a deposit, it’s probably not sufficient enough for a deposit on a whole property anymore. The need for property exposure without exposing a large amount of money to a single property is an attractive benefit as property markets continue to grow in value. Fractional property provides every investor at any level to not only gain instant ownership through easy accessibility, but to diversify and build a portfolio for the improvement of investment risk management within unstable markets.

Investment Solution

CoVESTA is an online fractional property investment platform that lowers the barriers to entry to the Australian property market. CoVESTA helps every day Australians invest and become a co-owner in any available property, in any asset type, anywhere in Australia.

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