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Fund Readiness Analysis

Planning, launching and managing a fund is an intense process. There are major considerations involved, from significant resources being required to managing multiple legal and regulatory service providers to launch and manage a Fund from start to finish. An overview of managing a fund can be seen below:

We do the heavy lifting, so you can focus on your fund, investors and investment performance. Let us develop your fund management plan to ensure you are compliant and on-track (and don’t blow the budget).

Our Fund Readiness Analysis is designed to step out the management requirements and compliance checklist to ensure there are no unexpected surprises. We package your requirements and weigh the costs, so you know everything there is to expect, regardless of who you choose to work with.

A Global Merces RE (Responsible Entity) specialist will complete a full assessment and provide a detailed report on the following:

Capital Raising Strategy. Includes Target Market, Distribution Plan, Referrals Commissions Advice, Ratings and APLs.

Marketing. Includes Online Brand Management, Promotional Material, Client Reporting, PR and Media Management.

Fund Design. Includes Structure, Risk Management, Philosophy, Fund Modelling, Tax Implications and Regulatory Guidance.

Investment Management Company. Includes Policies such as Unit Pricing, Distribution, Withdrawal, Redemption, Investment Philosophy and Risk Procedures.

Key Service Providers. Includes Responsible Entity, Fund Administrator, Custodian, Auditor, Insurance (for both Fund and Investment Manager), Licensing, Accountants, Third-Party Trading Platforms, Marketing Agency.

*Should you choose to engage with Global Merces RE for Hire, this fee will be deducted from your engagement costs. Our Fund Readiness Analysis focuses on a strategic rather than adhoc analysis.