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GM Media Venture Capital Fund

This fund is currently closed. CONNECT with us to enquire about more opportunities.

The GM Media Venture Capital Fund provides investors access to potential returns through venture capital investments specifically focusing on the media industry.

In recent times, digital media in the form of on-demand and streaming media have fundamentally disrupted the traditional model, fuelling a dramatic increase in consumer demand for bespoke, niche content. The Fund focuses on these new distribution models and content players.

The companies we invest in have that certain something. Global Merces Media Venture Capital Fund invests in companies with great management teams and global potential from day one. We invest in companies that  appeal to multiple markets and cross cultures. The Fund focuses on investing in intellectual property that lends itself to merchandise and licensing deals. Technology platforms that distribute content to niche markets on subscription models are a focus similarly. All investments be it intellectual property ore technology are repeatable, sustainable and scalable.

The Fund will specifically focus on the following:

  • Content creators – invest in the creators and their IP;
  • Distribution – invest in platforms and distribution businesses that understand and engage audiences; and
  • Technology – invest in technology that enhances the viewing experience, accelerates audience engagement and builds networks.