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World-class businesses are defined by certain core characteristics: expertise, innovation and a passion to deliver to those who have invested in the business.

As a firm, we are proud of our achievements in FY17. We continued to challenge the status quo in the funds management industry in Australia, looking for opportunities to differentiate ourselves in the market by being innovative in our thinking, client focused and solutions driven.

The business environment we are operating in remains one of the most regulated in Australia. This  is the heavy legacy weight and technological equivalent of the pen and paper. Bringing disruption to the traditional Responsible Entity business model, on both technological and pricing levels, has created considerable value to our industry. We have Investment Managers choose us over our competitors, precisely because of the two levels of disruption we are providing.

Our people are our bedrock and our future, and we have continued to pursue a world-class strategy in FY17 to foster high performing teams as an employer. Global Merces is working on unique positioning in the market to attract and retain talent. It’s about creating long-term value for the company, shareholders and for all our employees.

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