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PEF Long Short Equities Derivative Fund

The PEF Long Short Equities Derivative Fund has been established to invest in exchange traded options over equities listed on the Australian Stock Exchange and the S&P/ASX 200 Accumulation Index with the aim of achieving a consistent positive gross return, which is uncorrelated to underlying return of the market.

Our particular interest will be in relation to assets where the underlying instrument has the potential for, or has experienced, significant short-term price dislocation, and assets which are, in the Investment Manager’s view, significantly under priced or over priced.

The fund intends to invest throughout the market cycle, with the view to allocate capital across each Global Industry Classification Standard sector, in both under priced and over priced assets with the aim of making profit from rising and falling prices respectively whilst reducing market risk compared to a ‘long-only’ portfolio.

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