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Responsible Entity Services – RE for hire

Global Merces Funds Management Limited (Global Merces) is licensed to act for managed investment schemes, undertaking Responsible Entity services for a fund to provide investment managers with a complete outsourcing solution. Alternatively, Global Merces provide a single service working alongside external service providers or your existing Responsible Entity/Trustee.

The Responsible Entity (RE) operates as a trustee and responsible entity for both retail and wholesale clients. Global Merces has established itself to help domestic investment managers:

  • Set up Management Investment Schemes
  • Transition existing Management Investment Schemes
  • Continue ongoing Management Investment Scheme operation

When acting as a RE, Global Merces services include:

  • Liaison with regulators
  • Production of offer/disclosure documents
  • Development of Compliance plans
  • Procedures and registration
  • Monitoring compliance with the various applicable Acts, Rules and instruments, offer documents, constitution and compliance plans
  • Establishment of in-house/outsourced Fund Administration services (Fund accounting, unit registry, unitholder reporting and portfolio valuation)
  • Outsourcing agreements
  • Assistance in Scheme marketing and distribution and online development such as fund website
  • Commercial management of existing and proposed legislative and regulatory requirements
  • Complaints monitoring and resolution
  • Custodian services
  • Appointment and monitoring of external service providers

Global Merces has worked with various investment managers to establish managed investment schemes in a range of asset classes. These asset classes include: property, private equity, media and entertainment, venture capital, hedge funds, currency and derivatives. The team is well-resourced with expertise and knowledge to assist investment managers looking for a proficient and qualified Responsible Entity for hire that provides an exceptional high standard of service that satisfies ongoing legislative and regulatory requirements.

Along with acting as a Responsible Entity for hire for registered schemes, Global Merces also offers trustee services for unregistered schemes.

RE/Trustee services