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Venture Capital

We are experienced Venture Capitalists in media across the globe. We love entertainment. We love gaming. We love licensing deals.

Investing in the media industry and utilising media as an asset class, we fast-track world class media investments in content, technology and distribution.

In the past, mass media was dominated by major studios (Content) and Broadcasters (Audience). This ensured tight controls on both content and distribution. However, with the introduction of the news digital business models and players, the landscape has changed remarkably. New players for are changing the content and distribution models whilst creating new platforms and opportunities at reach.

We are a team of media experts with global experience who understand the power of content and how best to capitalise on this new landscape. We recognise talent and know how to best support a great management team. We want to support the ‘best in class’ to ensure the best ideas become a reality. Taking active role in all our investments, we utilise our internal management skills, shared networks and industry experience to support the Investee companies.

Focus. We invest in companies and teams with a global outlook, who want to bring their content, their distribution platforms or technology to the masses. Our team will strategically invest throughout the media ecosystem, leveraging the synergies gained to accelerate grown and maximise value within each investment.

Benefits of investing in the Venture Capital Fund: 

Exposure to the global media market – Access global markets and assets that individual investors may not be able to achieve on their own.

Take advantage of the Digital Disruption – Potential heightened returns stemmed from the rapid growth and opportunities created from the media and technological industry.

Diversification – The potential to diversify a portfolio due to the Fund’s lower correlation with assets such as equities, bonds or property.

Professional Management – Access to an experienced investment management team with a track record of professionalism and integrity.

Global presence – Access to the investment knowledge and expertise of Global Merces worldwide networks of investment and industry professionals.

Passive – Leverage of a worldwide team working 24 hours a day, seven days a week to grow your hard-earned wealth.

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