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Why Global Merces? – RE for hire

Global Merces Funds Management is a specialised tech-focused “RE/Trustee-For-Hire” or “RE for hire”. The licence was established with the goal of providing technology supported independent funds management services to investment managers, in an industry that benefits from legacy pricing models and lack of concern to the investment manager profitability capacity under such pricing models.

Global Merces Funds Management is changing the pricing model in the industry. We provide exciting combinations of services that include traditional foundation services (fund administration and responsible entity), alongside useful and critical support services (marketing and distribution).

Global Merces Funds Management has experience in a variety of assets, including alternatives, derivatives, financial, venture capital, hedge funds and real estate.

Global Merces Funds Management also provides its clients with fund accounting, unit pricing, tax administration and registry services. Global Merces Funds Management is the only RE for Hire (that we know of) using proprietary software to speed up the processing of investors into managed funds, cutting down the average 1-2 weeks process with paperwork and snail-mail to 20 minutes online.