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Why Global Merces?

Global Merces Funds Management Limited (Global Merces) offers a full suite of services that can provide Investment Managers with a complete outsourcing solution. Alternatively, Global Merces provide a single service working alongside external service providers or your existing Responsible Entity/Trustee.

When setting up or managing a fund Global Merces makes sure everything is dealt with in a strategic rather than ad hoc way to ensure a more resilient product in the face of any crisis. In an industry that benefits from legacy pricing models and lack of concern to the investment manager profitability capacity under such pricing models, Global Merces is changing the pricing model in the industry. We offer a Fund Readiness Analysis which lays out major considerations involved, from significant resources being required to managing multiple legal and regulatory service providers to launch and manage a fund from start to finish. This ensures you are compliant and on-track without blowing any budgets that would play a large part in your business or fund objectives.

The combinations of service that include traditional foundation services (fund administration and responsible entity), alongside useful and critical support services (marketing and distribution) are supported by innovative processes and robust technology systems. We combine our team’s specialisation of expertise in IT, marketing, client services, administration and compliance to act as your proficient and qualified partner, providing exceptional high standard of service that satisfies your fund’s needs.

Established by investment managers for investment managers, Global Merces understands the increasing pressures of compliance, legislative and regulatory requirements when managing a fund. This strengthens our commitment to carry the heavy lifting, so you are able to focus on your business, fund, investors and investment performance.

Global Merces is flexible in offering a full suite of services as a outsource solution or a single service working alongside external service providers of your fund.