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Why We Do This?

At Global Merces, our purpose is you. The investment manager. Established by investment managers for investment managers, we aim to address efficiencies in order to help you refocus your efforts on your business objectives and goals.

Our culture across the company has been nurtured from day one. Everything that we do, we first look to our values. These are the guiding runway lights we use before take-off and for landing safely. As an investment manager and a responsible entity for external funds, it is absolutely critical that these principles are in place and well understood, not only by our team, but by our various partners and shareholders. Global Merces aim to combine the following values within our full suite of services acting as a flexible outsource solution:

Global Merces Values

Your investors are first, second and third in line. Without investors, we have no business. We have no purpose. Respecting you, your time, your money and the effort it took you to grow your business. We make sure to take the heavy lifting off you so your investors are nurtured and are number one priority in all your decisions.

Acting with integrity when partnering with our clients. Global Merces aims to deliver high quality service with the deep intent of being honest and ethical in everything that we do.

Taking ownership and remaining responsible. Undertaking true partnership with out clients, Global Merces aim to genuinely safeguard our client’s interests.

Expertise. We aim to provide our expertise and knowledge to act as your proficient and qualified partner whilst providing exceptional service and outcomes.

Committed to protecting our clients’ interests. We care. We put our feet into your shoes. Performance is what investors expect from you and taking care of the heavy lifting to refocus your efforts on investment performance is our goal.