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Why We Do This?

At Global Merces, our purpose is you. The investor. You who make up society and the world we live in. It is your hard-earned money that will pay for our nation’s infrastructure, grow our economy and educate the next generation of young people.

Our purpose is to impact society, industry and culture through the intentional movement of capital.

Our culture across the company has been nurtured from day one. Everything that we do, we first look to our values. These are the guiding runway lights we use before take-off and for landing safely.

As an Investment Manager and a Responsible Entity for external funds, it is absolutely critical that these principles are in place and well understood, not only by our team, but by our investors, our investees and our various partners.

Global Merces Values

Investors are first, second and third in line. Without you, the investors, we have no business. We have no purpose. Respecting you, your time, your money and the effort it took you to grow that money is our number one priority in all our decisions.

Communication is our life blood. We will always communicate to investors about current situations, whether it is the good, the bad or the ugly. We want to talk to you any time you want to talk to us, not just when it’s convenient.

Where possible, lead by example. We believe in what we do. We think the research is correct and are acting on it early, not waiting for decades of social status proof. We were one of the first licences in Australia to launch a registered scheme focusing 100% on currency using CFDs to trade. The first year delivered 7.2% net of fees. We are prepared to show and lead the way in bringing currency trading to the same social status as global share markets.

An Innovation that’s useful. Technology is here to make our lives easier. We have created an online software application that helps you get into the investments you want, easier, faster and compliantly. This innovation streak is found in our investment design, our management style and our company culture, as we constantly look for ways to make investing easier for you.

The results are the reason. We care. We put investors first. That’s all well and good and for us, it’s a baseline of opening our doors each day. Performance is what you expect from us and investment performance is our goal. Delivering growth on your money, while protecting the downside, is the benchmark we set ourselves each year.